Tabbed Design Template – Home Template; Adding Images to Slide Show

After creating the home page and setting the Template to “Home”, adding images to the Slide show is a breeze!

Note: images must be resized prior to upload; dimensions should be 585 X 305.

Click on the Add Media square above the icons

Add Media

In the dialogue box that appears, check the From Computer tab if it’s not already selected.   Click the Select Files button.

Select Files image

Browse for the image(s) you want to include in your slide show.

Browse for image

A quick and easy tip to upload multiple images at a time is to hold down your keyboard’s control key as you select random images; or hold down your keyboard’s shift key to select images in groups.

Once you’ve uploaded – and saved – images into the Gallery, you can order how you want them to appear in the slide show.  Add sequential numbers in the Order boxes.

Be sure to click the Save all changes button!

Click the Show link for the image on the right to expand the image’s properties.

Ordering images for slideshow

Add Alternate Text for the image to comply with State required ADA laws.

You can choose to add a Caption and Description.  Note: both fields must be filled out if you choose to use this feature.

Slide show Alt text, caption, and description

Example of Caption and Description on the slide show.

Slide show caption, description example

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