Executive Committee Contact Information

AboutThe development of the program is a result of the collaborative effort of the executive and steering committee members. The executive committee provides the oversight and implementation of all facets involved in the program including the curriculum, activities, and assignments. The contributions of the committee members make it possible for advanced leaders from across AgriLife to participate in a rewarding program designed to enhance their leadership and personal development skills.

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ElliotDr. Jack Elliot

Shirley B. and David C. Pfannstiel ’49  Chair for International Agriculture Development and Extension Education

Senior Scientist, Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture

Professor, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications

Chair, Executive Committee for Texas A&M AgriLife Advanced Leaders Program
jelliot@tamu.edu; phone: 979-676-2996

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Cady Auckerman

Ms. Cady Auckerman
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Chief of Staff
Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean for Agriculture and Life Sciences

cady@tamu.edu; phone: 979-845-4747

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Steve Schulze


Mr. Steve Schulze; Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration
s-schulze@tamu.edu; phone: 979-845-7879

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Dr. Clint Allred, Associate Professor
Department of Nutrition and Food Science
callred@tamu.edu; 979-862-6655

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Dr. Julie Harlin, Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and, Communications
j-harlin@tamu.edu; 979-862-3014

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Ms. Beverley Rose; Employee Development Manager
Texas A&M AgriLife Administrative Services
barose@tamu.edu; phone: 979-458-3279
Support to the Executive Committee

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