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AboutThe second cohort of the AgriLife Advanced Leadership Program will begin September 25, 2012, and will complete in January of 2014.


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October 2013

  • Reading Assignment
  • Advocacy Presentation


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Induction Dinner
Cohort2InductDinnerCOLLEGE STATION, TX (February 29, 2012)—The graduating and incoming cohorts of the AgriLife Advanced Leadership Program met at the AgriLife Center on February 29th, 2012.  Dr. Mark Hussey, Vice Chancellor and Dean for Agriculture and Life Sciences, welcomed cohort members, Steering and Executive Committee members as well as Agency Directors and representatives.   The first cohort presented their Capstone Assignment, The Land Grant System in 2025, and received their graduation awards.


Session I: Setting the Course
Cohort2Session1-01COLLEGE STATION, TX (September 24-27, 2012)—The first session, Setting the Course, of Cohort II is scheduled to convene in College Station, TX, on September 24, 2012.



Session II: Leadership Cornerstones 
Cohort2Session2-01DALLAS, TX (November 13-15, 2012)—Leadership Cornerstones, November 13 – 15, 2012 marked the second meeting of the AgriLife Advanced Leadership Program Cohort II.  The three day session was held at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Dallas. Session focuses include solving problems creatively, personal and organizational branding using social media, AgriLife Extension Service’s Cohort II Advocacy Presentation and the launch of the cohort’s peer shadowing experience.


Session III: Leadership Cornerstones 
View Event PhotosCOLLEGE STATION, TX (January 7-8, 2013)—Leadership Cornerstones marked the third meeting of the AgriLife Advanced Leadership Program, Cohort II. The two day session coincided with the 2013 Texas A&M AgriLife Conference, January 7-9, 2013 “The Role of the Land-Grant Mission in Meeting Society’s Grand Challenges.” Cohort II meetings focused on building relationships and interpersonal skills as well as developing a professional and personal leadership plan. Texas A&M Forest Service Cohort II participants gave an Advocacy Presentation, followed by a tour of Forest Service’s Emergency Operations Center in College Station. Guest speaker, Dr. Stephen Daniel, spoke on the Accountability of Leaders. Cohort II members provided feedback on their peer shadowing assignment.


Session IV: External Relations
Cohort2Session4-01AUSTIN, TX (April 15-18, 2013)—External Relations was the fourth gathering for the AgriLife Advanced Leadership Program, Cohort II. The three day program focused on managing power and influence, understanding the role of a public servant from a public service aspect, as well as awareness of political and ethical pressures in public leadership roles. Guest speakers included: Penny Beaumont, Associate Director for Policy and Government Relations for Texas Transportation Institute (Retired), as well as panelists representing Commodity Key Stakeholders. Cohort II members met with new members of the legislature, staffers, Austin Interns as well as Joe Cox, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Cristina Cornejo, Program Coordinator, External Relations, Texas A&M AgriLife. The Capstone Assignment for Cohort II was distributed at this session. Chancellor John Sharp gave a presentation on ‘Working with the Legislature’. Cohort II toured the Hirshfeld-Moore House, attended the House Agriculture & Livestock Committee Hearing and attended meetings in the Agricultural Museum.


Session V: Leadership Cornerstones
Cohort2Session5-01CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (August 12-15, 2013)—Cohort II gathered in Corpus Christi for its fifth meeting. The three day program was designed around establishing vision, ethics and integrity as well as valuing diversity and building relationships. The program began in Corpus Christi with guest speaker, Dr. Larcel McGhee on the topic of Exploring Personal Growth. Tours of the AgriLife Research and Extension Center followed with a visit to Port Aransas and Flour Bluff to tour and meet scientists working on algae, mariculture and shrimp production. The final day involved the group visiting TAMU – Corpus Christi for presentations and tours. The agenda concluded with the Cohort’s update on their Capstone Assignment.


Session VI: Leadership in Action
Cohort2Session6-01EL PASO, TX (October 14 – 17, 2013)—Leadership in Action was the title of Cohort II’s sixth meeting. The three day program included a session on leadership through conflict and change with guest speaker, Dr. Merna Jacobsen and a panel presentation on Leadership Philosophies – Leadership in Action by the Executive team. Dr. Ari Michelsen, Resident Director, Texas A&M AgriLife and Extension Center, El Paso, gave a tour of the Center and a presentation on water resources in the tri-state region. A daytrip to Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit and tour with the Cooperative Extension Service at New Mexico State University, included field trips focusing on pecan research, chile processing and viticulture. An evening session gave Cohort II an opportunity to present the latest draft of their Capstone project. The final day finished up with a book review on The Omnivore’s Dilemma, an advocacy presentation on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the final shadowing assignment report for the Cohort.

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