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The Case of the Missing Squash, Cucumber, and Melon…

We’ve received questions at the Extension Office about squash and cucumber plants that are blooming but not setting fruit. Sometimes there are “tiny fruit that don’t grow, but just shrivel up and die.” Have you noticed this in your garden? The most likely cause of such fruit problems on squash, muskmelons (cantaloupe), cucumbers, watermelons and other cucurbit vegetables is a lack of pollination. These plants have separate male flowers (bloom attached by a small, thin stalk) and female flowers (small fruit at base of bloom). Pollen must be… Read More →

Strawberry Fruit That Aren’t Developing Normally?

If you have strawberries you may have noticed some of the fruit are not developing properly. They stay tiny, are misshapen or have areas that appear to be just a bunch of “seeds” where the fruit didn’t grow. This is usually due to a pollination problem. Technically speaking an individual strawberry is actually an aggregate of many fruits with each of the seeds on the surface of the strawberry part of many individual fruits that make up the entire strawberry. When a seed is not pollinated the fleshy… Read More →