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Top Caladium Performers-2016 Harris County Trials

We hit a bump in the road this year due to the tax day rains and the eventual flooding of our offices and growing beds at Bear Creek. At the writing of this blog, we are still in our temporary offices but hope to be back in our home offices soon. We were able to get a caladium trial planted off-site and here are the highlights. The caladiums were planted the first week of June, and evaluated for leaf color, uniformity of habit, resistance to insects and diseases… Read More →

Trial Results 2013 – Caladiums

If you like variegated foliage, then you will love Caladiums. Caladiums (Caladium bicolor) are great summer foliage plants to provide that tropical look in the landscape in Houston. They work well in mass plantings, or in small pockets adding splashes of color in either sun or shade conditions. Caladiums also perform well as container plants.   Caladiums are classified into two groups: fancy-leaf varieties that prefer semi-shade to shade conditions and produce a larger plant with full heart-shaped leaves; and strap-leaf varieties that prefer sunny conditions and produce… Read More →