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Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

Come learn about rainwater harvesting at AgriLife Extension’s Rainwater Harvesting Workshop! For a printable version of this flyer, click here!

Tropical Sod Webworms 2017

Sod webworms are an annual occurrence here in the greater Houston area but some years the outbreaks are much worse than others. This year may be another bad year or on the other hand, just one with a very minor and scattered outbreaks. Residents have been calling and emailing the Extension Office with concerns about seeing small moths around their home and landscape again. There are many small tan/brown moths in nature and so you may be seeing something other than sod webworms. You can find a photo… Read More →

Earth-Kind Residential Landscape School

Learn how to landscape your yard the EarthKind Way using research-proven techniques & adapted plants for Houston! Design, plant, and manage a landscape that is beautiful, low maintenance and environmentally responsible. March 21, 22, 28 & 29. 6:00pm to 8:00pm.    4 – two hour classes. Cost is $40 per household. Call 713-274-0959 to register or email

Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

There is no better water for plants than rainwater! Interested in learning about rainwater collection? Come learn in this hands-on workshop and go home with a rain barrel that you built yourself! When: Saturday February 11, 2017 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Location: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office 3033 Bear Creek Drive Houston, TX 77084 Cost: $50 fee includes lecture and supplies needed to build your rain barrel (fee due at time of registration) Learn about capturing, diverting and storing rainwater, the best water for your plants! Then… Read More →

Tropical Sod Webworms

This year we have received many calls concerning tropical sod webworms, a common late summer to fall pest of turfgrass here in the Houston area. Callers say that numerous moths are flying out of the turfgrass when they walk across their lawns. There are numerous species of small moths in the landscape so this characteristic alone is not an identifying factor for diagnosing a sod webworm infestation. There are several species of sod webworms in Texas but it is the tropical sod webworm that is the most damaging… Read More →

Citrus Rust Mites

We have seen quite a few citrus fruit samples at the Extension Office in which the fruit is brown on the outer rind, primarily on one side but sometimes all over. This damage is caused by citrus rust mites. These small arthropods chew on the surface of the rind causing the scarring/browning. Although you may notice the browning now, when you are harvesting the fruit, the damage probably dates back to summer and early fall when the mites were more active. The mites avoid the sunny side of… Read More →

Landscape Pest & Disease Workshop

If you work in the green industry and deal with pests and diseases in the landscape, or work at a garden center and answer questions from customers on plant diseases and pests; then don’t miss out on the Landscape Pest & Disease Workshop on January 29, 2016. We have an excellent group of presenters that will cover the following  program topics. Pollinator Protection Pesticide Laws & Regulations Landscape Disease Management Landscape Ornamental Pests (Common Culprits & New Invasives) Turfgrass Disease Diagnosis & Management Continuing Education Credits available  TDA Pesticide… Read More →

“Clubbed” Roots on St. Augustine

We have had several turfgrass samples in the Extension office that showed signs of clubbed rooting. Rather than a normal tapered root the roots are short and swollen on the ends, much like a club in their shape. This condition was traced back to misuse of an herbicide in the dinotroaniline (DNA) herbicide family. Examples include prodiamine (Barricade), benefin (Balan), pendimethalin (Pendulum, Pre-M, Weedgrass Control), trifluralin (in Snapshot), and oryzalin (Surflan). Dithiopyr (Dimension) is another ingredient that is from a different herbicide family but works in a similar… Read More →

Greater Houston Plant Conference

The Greater Houston Plant Conference is an opportunity to learn about new plants and ongoing ornamental trials in Harris County and at the AgriLife Experiment Station in Overton, Texas. Come hear from industry experts on shrubs, annuals, perennials, and landscape industry trends. There will be a plant auction where you’ll be able to purchase some of the interesting plants talked about at the conference. Click here to register online!

Plant Health Workshop

The Plant Health Workshop is an annual cooperative program between Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and the Organic Horticulture Benefits Alliance that focuses on managing plant pests with less pesticides. This year’s event features speakers on Transitioning to Sustainable Landscape Practices, Laws and Regulations Update, Pollinator Protection, New Landscape Pests, and Rose Rosette. AgriLife Horticulture agents will also conduct a tour of the ongoing research and demonstration plantings at the Harris County Extension Office. Click here to register!