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Fall Armyworm Invasion In Texas

Fall armyworms are an annual occurrence across much of the state. Like many other insect invaders fall armyworm populations are rather light in some years and heavy in others. This year’s invasion across much of the state has been quite heavy, but here in Harris County the reports haven’t been as high as in they have farther to the north and west. These late season pests can occur in numbers numbers high enough to strip a grassy lawn or pasture bare. They love bermudagrass but also will feed… Read More →

How Much Water Does My Lawn Really Need?

It’s spring! The trees are leafing out, the flowers are blooming and everyone thinks it’s time to start watering their lawn. Just hold a minute and check out the Water My Yard website before you start turning on the water. Now there’s a tool to help you make the correct watering decisions. The Water My Yard™ website is a free service that lets you know when and how much to water to apply based on local weather patterns, type of irrigation system and other environmental factors. The website… Read More →

Tropical Sod Webworms 2017

Sod webworms are an annual occurrence here in the greater Houston area but some years the outbreaks are much worse than others. This year may be another bad year or on the other hand, just one with a very minor and scattered outbreaks. Residents have been calling and emailing the Extension Office with concerns about seeing small moths around their home and landscape again. There are many small tan/brown moths in nature and so you may be seeing something other than sod webworms. You can find a photo… Read More →

Diagnosing Lawn Problems

There are many things that can cause a lawn to decline and die. Drought, soil compaction, excessive shade, chemical injury, pests and diseases are among the many possible contributing factors. If you are watering and fertilizing properly, and if the turf is receiving adequate sunlight, the problem may be due to pests or diseases. The AgriLife Extension Office in Harris County can assist you with diagnosing your lawn problems. In order to properly diagnose your lawn problem we need to see a sample. Here is how to take… Read More →

Calling All Irrigators!!

If you are licensed irrigator or have in interest in landscape irrigation then we have two great programs for you in February. Drip Irrigation Workshop – February 14 This course provides an overview of drip irrigation systems design and management as well as a review of hydraulics of irrigation systems. Instruction is provided on the types of drip products available and how to evaluate their performance characteristics and quality. Topics include: advantages and disadvantages of drip irrigation in landscape applications and product selection. Instruction is provided on: Design… Read More →

Landscape Irrigation Workshop

A well-maintained irrigation system is vital to a healthy landscape. Weather you maintain residential, commercial or public landscape areas, this workshop will provide you and your technicians with the latest information. The speakers represent the top companies in landscape irrigation. Join us on Wednesday, October 19 to learn about the latest innovations in landscape irrigation and technology. Workshop Topics Smart Irrigation Controllers Troubleshooting an Irrigation System Irrigation Efficiency and Auditing Basic Precipitation Rates Drip Irrigation Systems Registration Fee – $35.00               CLICK HERE TO… Read More →

Tropical Sod Webworms

This year we have received many calls concerning tropical sod webworms, a common late summer to fall pest of turfgrass here in the Houston area. Callers say that numerous moths are flying out of the turfgrass when they walk across their lawns. There are numerous species of small moths in the landscape so this characteristic alone is not an identifying factor for diagnosing a sod webworm infestation. There are several species of sod webworms in Texas but it is the tropical sod webworm that is the most damaging… Read More →

Want To Control Crabgrass? Time To Apply A Preemergent!

Our mild winter is resulting in an early spring; plants are in flower, garden centers are stocking their shelves and weed seeds are starting to germinate. Large crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis ) is a summer annual grassy weed. Summer annuals germinate in the spring, grow through the summer and die with the first hard frost. These plants produce a tremendous amount of seed in the mid- to late summer. These seeds ensure next year’s crop of weeds but can also remain dormant in the soil for several years before… Read More →

Landscape Pest & Disease Workshop

If you work in the green industry and deal with pests and diseases in the landscape, or work at a garden center and answer questions from customers on plant diseases and pests; then don’t miss out on the Landscape Pest & Disease Workshop on January 29, 2016. We have an excellent group of presenters that will cover the following  program topics. Pollinator Protection Pesticide Laws & Regulations Landscape Disease Management Landscape Ornamental Pests (Common Culprits & New Invasives) Turfgrass Disease Diagnosis & Management Continuing Education Credits available  TDA Pesticide… Read More →

“Clubbed” Roots on St. Augustine

We have had several turfgrass samples in the Extension office that showed signs of clubbed rooting. Rather than a normal tapered root the roots are short and swollen on the ends, much like a club in their shape. This condition was traced back to misuse of an herbicide in the dinotroaniline (DNA) herbicide family. Examples include prodiamine (Barricade), benefin (Balan), pendimethalin (Pendulum, Pre-M, Weedgrass Control), trifluralin (in Snapshot), and oryzalin (Surflan). Dithiopyr (Dimension) is another ingredient that is from a different herbicide family but works in a similar… Read More →