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Houston Urban Food Production Conference

Join us for the 2018 Houston Urban Food Production Conference, which will be held at the University of Houston Downtown, July 27th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This year’s program features a Commercial Track, a Backyard Gardener Track, and a Business Start-Up Track. Betti Wiggins, Houston Independent School District Officer of Nutritional Services will kick off the event with a special keynote presentation on Food Literacy and Its Impact on the Food System. General admission is $50 and includes lunch. A discount rate of $30 is available… Read More →

Citrus Rust Mites

We have seen quite a few citrus fruit samples at the Extension Office in which the fruit is brown on the outer rind, primarily on one side but sometimes all over. This damage is caused by citrus rust mites. These small arthropods chew on the surface of the rind causing the scarring/browning. Although you may notice the browning now, when you are harvesting the fruit, the damage probably dates back to summer and early fall when the mites were more active. The mites avoid the sunny side of… Read More →

Beneficial Insects: Green Lacewings

The green lacewing (Chrysoperla sp.) is a common beneficial insect found in the landscape. They are a generalist predator best known for feeding on aphids, but will also control mites and other soft-bodied insects such as caterpillars, leafhoppers, mealybugs and whiteflies. The adult green lacewing has a long slender green body and golden eyes. It has prominent wings with lace-like veins. An adult will be approximately 0.75” in length. They are typically night flying insects.  Females can lay up to 200 tiny, oblong eggs on silken stalks attached… Read More →

Citrus Leaf Miner

We receive many calls and plant samples each year from home citrus trees infested with the citrus leaf miner (Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton). This insect is a tiny moth that lays an egg under the leaf from which a larvae hatches that burrows into the leaf. The larvae then tunnels around in a serpentine pattern between the leaf surfaces (hence its name “leaf miner”) leaving a whitish, silvery winding pathway through the leaf. Damage from this pest causes citrus foliage to cup and twist, creating a malformed leaf. After… Read More →

Protecting Plants from Frosts & Freezes

A hard freeze is forecast for tonight. How do you protect your plants? What works and what doesn’t? Check out our new publication: Extending the Growing Season – Protecting Plants from Frosts and Freezes Your plants will thank you!

Strawberry Fruit That Aren’t Developing Normally?

If you have strawberries you may have noticed some of the fruit are not developing properly. They stay tiny, are misshapen or have areas that appear to be just a bunch of “seeds” where the fruit didn’t grow. This is usually due to a pollination problem. Technically speaking an individual strawberry is actually an aggregate of many fruits with each of the seeds on the surface of the strawberry part of many individual fruits that make up the entire strawberry. When a seed is not pollinated the fleshy… Read More →