Highlights from the California Spring Trials 2018 – Day 3

We are halfway through our trip and now visiting breeders in the Salinas area. The weather has been great and the breeding companies have been displaying some awesome plants. Today we made 2 stops after driving 2.5 hours to the northern end of the trials.

Take a look at what I found today.

Sunflower (experimental)

On our stop at Takii (Japanese breeder), we saw this experimental Sunflower that had height, flower size and flower quantity (an ornamental hat-trick). This plant would not be for the faint of heart. It was approximately 5′ in height, with large traditional yellow sunflowers, but the stems did not end in a single flower but multi-branched resulting in increased flower production. This plant would have to be used at the back of the flower bed and would not disappoint with its flower-power. I hope the company proceeds with its introduction next year, I’ll be watching for its release.

Experimental sunflower

Experimental sunflower from Takii

Floral branching of sunflower

Look at the branching and the number of flowers produced.

Celosia Century Series

Celosia has great heat tolerance for the summer garden. The Century Series has six colors and a landscape height of 16-20″. The plume-like flower spikes are held above the foliage on sturdy stems.

Century Celosia

Color range of Century Celosia

SuperCal Premium: Caramel Yellow & Cinnamon

The SuperCal is part petunia and part calibrachoa which results in a plant with petunia hardiness and the unique flower colors from calibrachoa. This series has a mounding habit which makes it an ideal candidate for hanging baskets. The flower colors of Caramel Yellow and Cinnamon make them a nice addition for fall sales. These colors work well alone or in combination baskets together.

SuperCal Premium Cinnamon

SuperCal Premium Cinnamon

SuperCal Premium Caramel Yellow

SuperCal Premium Caramel Yellow

Well that’s a wrap for Day 3. Tune in tomorrow to see what I find.

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