CAST (California Spring Trials) Day 7 (4/14/16)

The last day of the CA Spring Trials is here and we will be visiting Benary and Pacific Plug & Liners in Watsonville, CA. After driving approximately 1000 miles from San Diego to San Jose we will have visited many plant breeding companies and seen many new promising plants. Let’s see what caught my attention today.

petunia display

Petunia Success Series

Success Trailing Petunias is a new spreading series from Benary. The series has a strong color range and uniform plant habit.

BIG Begonia from Benary is a vigorous well-branched landscape begonia.

Large flowered begonia

BIG Begonia Series

new begonia hybrid

Funky Begonia from Benary

Funky Begonia from Benary is a new hybrid begonia with pink flowers and a great habit for baskets and planters.

Echibeckia Summerina Series is a new genus developed by crossing Rudbeckia x Echinacea from Pacific Plug & Liner. Summerina Yellow has large flowers and sturdy stems.

flowers of echibeckia

Echibeckia Summerina Yellow

Hula Berry and Bubble Berry are two novelty strawberries from Pacific Plug & Liner. Hula Berry is a white berry variety with a pineapple taste. Bubble Berry has a light pink berry with a bubble gum-like flavor. Give them a try if you see them at your local garden center.

This is my final entry for the 2016 Spring Trials. I hope you enjoyed following as I traveled through CA looking for the newest plants that will be in garden centers next year. Thanks for reading!

Hula berry white fruit strawberry

Hula Berry display

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