CAST (California Spring Trials) Day 6 (4/13/16)

Hey there, it is day 6 and we are in Gilroy, CA visiting Danziger, Syngenta Flowers and Proven Winners. Those of us that started in southern CA are all converging on the north as the trials end soon. Let’s take a look at what caught my eye today.

Craspedia Golf Beauty

Craspedia Golf Beauty

Craspedia Golf Beauty is unique plant from Danziger. This plant has a unique yellow, globe-like flower and fine grass-like foliage. This plant will work well as a thriller-plant in containers.

Amore Series Petunia from Danziger has a cascading habit with an interesting star-like color pattern. Queen of Hearts (on the far right) has a really good color contrast.

Amore series petunia display

Amore Series Petunia

peach flowered verbena

Superbena Royale Peachy Keen

Superbena Royale Peachy Keen has a great flower color from Proven Winners. This verbena will work well in hanging baskets or in planters.

Superbells Morning Star is a new calibrachoa from Proven Winners. This bicolor pink and purple flower with a yellow center really pops.

Superbells Yellow also from Proven Winners produces bright yellow flowers over the entire plant.

yellow flower verbena

Superbena Yellow from Proven Winners

HoneyCluster Pentas is a new seed series from Syngenta Flowers. This series has large flowers and an intermediate landscape height.

red and white flowered pentas

HoneyCluster Pentas

That’s it for day 6. We have one more day in CA to find those new and exciting plants.

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