CAST (California Spring Trials) Day 4 (4/11/16)

It is day 4 and we are at the half way point of the 2016 spring trials. The weather has been much nicer since we’ve reached the central coast and the plant introductions just keep getting better and better. Today we visited the second site for Dummen Orange in Paso Robles, CA and Floricultura which is hosting Westhoff, Plug Connection, Beekenkamp and Pac-Eisner. Here are the highlights of today’s visits.

Scarlet flowered Coreopsis

Coreopsis Red Elf

Coreopsis Red Elf is a new dwarf perennial from Dummen Orange. Red Elf has dark scarlet flowers presented nicely above a tight, compact plant.

Perennial Combinations were also prominently displayed at Dummen Orange. These combinations should supply longer flower interest and flexibility for larger containers.

Perennial combinations

Collection of perennial combinations

Succulents continue to be a prominent trend at this year’s trials and Dummen Orange has quite a collection.  The colors, textures and possibilities for the landscape and containers are limitless.

Succulent combinations

Succulent combinations

Calitastic Hawaiian Tones Mix was a great looking Calibrachoa from Westhoff. The colors worked well together with a bountiful number of flowers.

Calitastic Hawaiian Tones Mix

Calibrachoa Calitastic Hawaiian Tones Mix

Colorblast Portulaca is a great choice for drought tolerant color from Westhoff. The series has both single and double flowers, but the great thing about this series is that it opens its flowers under low light levels. The atached picture was taken indoors and the flowers were open. This series should display nicely at retail.

yellow portulaca

Colorblast Portulaca

Kosmic Kale is a great looking variegated kale from Plug Connection that looks great and is also tasty to eat.

variegated kale

Kosmic Kale

If you are interested in growing your own grapes but don’t have the space you might want to try Pixie Grapes from the Plug Connection. These plants will produce mini-clusters of grapes on dwarf grapevines. It will be a great conservation piece on your patio.

That’s it for day 4. Check back in tomorrow and I’ll have some new plants for you to see from CA.

Pixie Grape

Pixie Grape

min grape clusters

Mini-grape clusters on Pixie Grapes

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