CAST (California Spring Trials) Day 2 (4/9/16)

It’s day two, here are some plants of interest.

Stop 1 – GroLink Plant Company – Oxnard, CA. GroLink was the host to 13 companies, and there was plenty to see.

Sun Parasol Apricot is the newest addition to the Sun Parasol Mandevilla series from Suntory Flowers. The growth habit is similar to the other colors in the series, but the apricot flower color is a first to the market.

Mandevilla sun parasol apricot

Sun Parasol Apricot from Suntory Flowers

Patio Gerbera Volcanoes is ideal for your favorite planter on your deck or patio. Available from Florist Holland, the Volcanoes variety has a bright two-tone orange flower with are dark center.

Patio gerbera volcanoes

Patio Gerbera Volcanoes

Salvia Vibe Ignition Purple has a deep purple flower with a compact habit from Plant Haven International.

Salvia Vibe Ignition Purple

Salvia Vibe Ignition Purple

Stop 2 – Ball Horticultural Company – Santa Paula, CA. Ball Horticultural is the parent company of PanAm Seed, Ball FloraPlant, Selecta, Darwin Perennials, Ball Ingenuity and Kieft Seed.

Pentas Glitterati Purple Star is a new flower form for Pentas from PanAm Seed. Other colors will be introduced in the near future to expand the series.

Pentas Glitterati Purple Star

Pentas Glitterati Purple Star

Begonia Megawatt is a large leafed, large flowered begonia from PanAm  Seed that will work well in both containers or in the landscape.

Megawatt Begonia

Megawatt Begonia

Petunia Night Sky has an interesting purple flower with random white flecks from Ball FloraPlant. This plant has a great deal of “WOW” factor that will work well in containers or hanging baskets.

Purple petunia flowers with white flecks

Petunia Night Sky

Day 2 was a great day! Stay tuned as I continue to travel north in CA and visit more breeders.




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