CAST (California Spring Trials) Day 1 (4/8/16)

Hello there! I’m traveling the next 7 days in CA visiting seed companies and breeders with colleagues from Texas A&M and Texas Tech for the annual Spring Trials. The Spring Trials allow the green industry to see the latest in new bedding plants, perennials and even some woody shrubs. I will be providing a daily update with highlights from my visits. Oh, and by the way who said “It never rains in Southern California”, that’s all it has been doing here since I arrived on Thursday.

in ground field trials

In-ground field trials at EuroAmerican

container trials

Container trials at EuroAmerican

EuroAmerican – Bonsall, CA

EuroAmerican had both an in-ground and container trial. They grew entries from other participating breeding companies so it was good to see and compare performance. Here are some of the highlights.

Lobularia: Lobularia performs very well in Houston during the summer. If you like Alyssum in the fall and winter then you will enjoy Lobularia during the heat of the summer. The Stream S

Lobularia Stream Series

Lobularia Stream Series from Danzinger

eries from Danzinger is very consistent and Giga White Trails from Benary looked exceptional.

Lobula Trailsria Giga White

Lobularia Giga White Trails from Benary

Succulents: There is a great deal of interest in succulents especially in CA which has been under extreme drought conditions. The texture and colors available have come a long way since the days of hens and chicks. Aeonium Sweet Treats Series from EuroAmerican displayed both unique color and growth habit.


Aeonium Cornetto

Aeonium Sweet Treats Cornetto


Aeonium Turtle

Aeonium Sweet Treats Turtle


Dianthus: The Jolt Series is available in both cherry and pink. These plants were very uniform and covered in buds and flowers. We have Jolt cherry in our trial garden and has been blooming since August.

Dianthus Jolt Cherry

Dianthus Jolt Cherry

Dianthus Jolt Pink

Dianthus Jolt Pink

That’s it for the first day. We’re headed north to Ventura, CA for a visit to Ball Horticultural and Gro-Link. Stay tuned to see what other new plants I’ll find.

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