Color Container - webThe Harris County Horticulture Blog is a new addition to our efforts to reach Harris County residents with current, relevant, research-based information and assistance in residential and commercial horticulture.

The blog will feature information on timely “to-do’s” out in the garden and landscape, updates on new plants, info on plant diseases or pests, notices of upcoming educational programs and Master Gardener plant sales, research updates from Texas A&M AgriLife and other universities, and more.

We invite you subscribe by email or by RSS feed (see bar to the right) to receive the updates automatically, or check in periodically to see what up in Harris County landscapes and gardens. Please share what you find interesting with others via Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and other places (see buttons below) and share the word about this new resource. Also check out Harris County Horticulture on Facebook!


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