Horse Judging

HorseJudgingLogo4-H Horse Judging is a program that grows youth into authoritative judges of the ideal equine form. Specifically, the judging contest focuses on evaluating a class of four animals and ranking them from most desirable to least desirable, based on a standard determined by university and industry experts.

Through their interest in horses, members learn to verbally defend their decisions, gain in-depth animal industry knowledge and develop teamwork skills, self-confidence, self-motivation and self-discipline.

Participation GuidelinesPDF

1. Enroll in 4-H Connect (4-H/FFA)

2. Attend over  50% of trainings during the season.

3. Judge in a minimum of THREE regional contests (county fair, etc.) and ONE major show contest from this list to judge at the District 9 contest.

4. Wear horse judging attire to all contests.

5. Maintain academic eligibility – submit your 4-H Eligibility Form prior to participating in judging contests


• Teams are based on your average score from previous contests.

• For the first contest of the year, returning members will be placed on teams based on their average from the previous year. New members will be randomly placed on teams.

• We will average your top FOUR scores to determine team placing for the District contest. Overall participation may be considered.

How to join:


Revised 10/14/20

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