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Houston 4-H Career & Entrepreneur Options (CEO) gives youth the opportunity to learn about running a business, tap into their creative talents and develop their communication skills.

4-H CEO is unique in that it uses WebEx technology to conduct meetings online, making it accessible to anyone with an email address. Participants share ideas, conduct YouTube video projects and get to meet local entrepreneurs.

Just sign-up with Sheryl Nolen (snolen@ag.tamu.edu) to receive email notices and training materials in preparation for each session. The online sessions will be recorded and posted here, along with resources and assignments.

This program also prepares youth for the Houston 4-H CEO Trade Show and Minnow Tank Contests, where they can exhibit information about their business and compete in the Minnow Tank interviews for prizes.


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Past Houston 4-H CEO Workshop Lessons

Date Time  Topic
Sep. 29, 2015 6:30pm Session 1: “All About the Business Plan”
Oct. 3, 2015 9am 4-H CEO Orientation Workshop
Oct. 7, 2015 6:30pm Session 2: Marketing 101; Bonus Buck Plan
Oct. 12, 2015 6:30pm Session 3: Products & Services – “Price it Right”
 Oct. 22, 2015 6:30pm Session 4: Finance Plan – “Bottom Line”
Nov. 7, 2015 1pm 4-H CEO Bootstrap Workshop (Extension Office)
Nov. 9, 2015 6:30pm Session 5: Website Store Front & The Pitch
Nov. 16, 2015  6:30pm Session 6: “Pitch Your Business” and Prepare for Tradeshow
Nov. 30, 2015 Trade Show applications due 
Dec. 5, 2015 9am Trade Show and Minnow Tank Presentations (Extension Office)


Session 1: “All About the Business Plan” – Sep. 29, 2015 – 7pm 


• PowerPoint Presentation: Session 1
4-H CEO Summary: Session 1(PDF)

Additional Resources
BizKids Business Plan(PDF)
BizKids Entrepreneurship

AssignmentsDue Oct. 7
1.Business Journal

2.Entrepreneur Profile
3.Business Idea


Session 2: “Marketing 101” – Oct. 7, 2015 – 6:30pm

Web Ex Recording: Session 2
• PowerPoint Presentation: Session 2

Additional Resources
Biz Venture: Marketing(PDF)
Biz Kids: Marketing Mix(PDF)
Biz Kids: 4 P’s of Marketing(PDF)

• Business Basics Marketing Plan
• Social Media Marketing
Happier at Home: Facebook Marketing Example(PDF)

Assignment – Due Oct. 12
• Complete a Marketing Plan (see presentation)


Session 3: “Price it Right” – Oct. 12, 2015 – 6:30pm

Price TagLesson
PowerPoint Presentation: Session 3

Additional Resources
Pricing Fact Sheet
Biz Venture: Price It Right (PDF)
Biz Kids: Building & Growing a Business (PDF)
• Retail Pricing Strategies




Session 4: “Bottom Line” – Oct. 22, 2015 – 6:30pm

Web Ex Recording: Session 4
PowerPoint Presentation: Session 4

Additional Resources
Biz Kids: What’s in the Books? (PDF)
Accounting Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Assignment – Due  Nov. 9
• Complete a Financial Plan (see presentation)


Session 5: “Website Storefront & The Pitch” – Nov. 9, 2015 – 6:30pm


PowerPoint Presentation: Session 5

AssignmentDue Nov. 16
1. Compile your Business Portfolio
2. Write a script for your Business Pitch
3. Submit your Tradeshow application (Nov. 30)


Special thanks to:

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Trade Show & “Minnow Tank” Business Plan Contest: open to 4-H Members ages 9-18 years of age, competing in Junior, Intermediate and Senior age divisions. Contestants are required to complete a Business Portfolio, Business Plan, make a “pitch” (presentation) and be interviewed by a panel of judges and be exhibitors at the trade show.

Individuals or teams of 2 can enter as a(n):

1) “Established Business” – for youth who are already operating the proposed business or

2)”Prototype Business” – for those businesses that are in the planning stages and NOT operating at the time of the contest

2015 contest completed.

If interested, please review entry form and contest rules.
Entry Form | Contest Rules

Revised 3/2/2016

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