4-H Club Map

Explore the map below to see 4-H community clubs and school clubs in Harris County. Click on each marker to view club details. You may also view the larger map (external link) to input an address and search clubs nearby. Don’t see a club near you? Start one! Learn more through our Resources page. See also our policy on Cross-County Membership.

*Please note: School clubs are only open to students enrolled in that school. Community clubs are open to all.*

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If you prefer to view the clubs as a list or have trouble loading this page, visit our Club Listing. There you will find links to the individual page for each club.

Cross-County Membership

Youth are encouraged to join 4-H in their county of residence, but may request permission to join 4-H in a neighboring county.  Typically, members are allowed to cross county lines to join 4-H if there is a specific 4-H project offered in the neighboring county that is not offered in the county of residence, or if the family lives so close to the county line that it is more feasible to attend meetings in the neighboring county. Submit the Cross-County Membership Form (also in Resources) to request permission; the 4-H County Extension Agents from both counties must agree to grant permission.

 Revised 12/3/15

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