• The beef project teaches the fundamentals of the beef cattle industry by allowing youth to explore the areas of animal husbandry, livestock selection, health, and care, in addition to the showing of beef cattle at local, county, state, and national cattle shows.
  • Beef Quiz Bowl
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  • The dairy goats project teaches participants about the production of milk, cheeses and other quality products targeted for niche markets. The project involves raising animals and learning about showmanship, judging, sportsmanship and leadership.
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  • The sheep project teaches youth to care for live animals while learning about animal health and nutrition, breeding, selection and marketing. In the 4-H sheep project individuals learn decision making, record keeping, responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership. They may participate in market projects, breeding projects and non-competitive projects.
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  • The swine project teaches participants proper methods of selecting, feeding, raising, breeding and marketing swine. Either market or breeding animals can be raised.
  • Swine Quiz Bowl
  • Swine Skill-A-Thon
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  • The poultry project teaches members poultry production and marketing by managing poultry projects. Project topics include broilers, capons, turkeys, egg production, and development from egg to chick.
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  • The rabbit project teaches proper methods of caring for, raising, breeding and marketing rabbits. There are three project options: Market Rabbit Project (breeding and raising rabbits for meat); Rabbit Breeding Project (breeding and raising rabbits for desired or unique characteristics); and Pet Project (maintaining rabbits for companionship).
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