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Jodi Schaeffer

Jodi is a registered licensed dietitian, ACE certified health coach and educator with over a decade of experience helping others lead happier healthier lives.

She graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Nutrition and obtained her Masters degree in Public Health from Tulane University.  She believes in individualized, evidence-based care designed to fit your life. One size does not fit all when it comes to coaching in lifestyle changes.

Jodi has worked as a professor at Tulane University’s School of Public Health, as the Director of the City of New Orleans Nutrition Department, and founded a business helping people with special needs lead healthier happier lives.  Currently, she is a health and wellness coach in Austin who also specializes in telehealth nutrition coaching.


Jodi Schaeffer, MPH, RD, LDN


 Bridgette Wilson

Since January 3, 2007, I have been driven by passion and purpose towards a healthy body, mind and spirit. In an effort to gain my health back, I launched a full armor war on obesity and won! Starting with my willingness to change my way of thinking about food, I learned to gain control over the triggers that caused my overeating and lack of exercise. Learning how to eat and fitting regular exercise into my life was the key to losing and maintaining a 90-pound weight loss.

As a result of my transformation, I returned to school and earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition Science. My role as a Master Wellness Volunteer is to continue enhancing my healthy living and sharing with others the joys of transformation. The main point I have learned during this journey is when we transform our mind, we transform our life.


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