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Attracting Butterflies to Your Home Garden

One of the benefits of having a landscape full of flowers is the joy of seeing colorful butterflies flitting from flower to flower to feed on their sweet nectar. It is interesting how much of the summer may go by with only an occasional sighting of a butterfly. Then, suddenly, they seem to be everywhere. Some years butterflies are plentiful, others not so much. The weather and the environment play big roles in the annual abundance or scarcity of many species of butterflies. In some cases, human activity… Read More →

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterflies are the gems of the insect world. Their graceful flight and bright colors never fail to delight children and adults alike. I still get excited when I see a colorful butterfly, especially ones that are unusual or not frequently seen. Butterfly gardening has become very popular worldwide. There are many public gardens with butterfly garden floral displays and special greenhouses for raising and displaying native and tropical butterflies. There is a wonderful butterfly house, The Cockerell Butterfly Center, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The South… Read More →