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Spreading Japanese Plum Yew

I’d like to introduce you to a different kind of evergreen groundcover that may fill a niche in your landscape. If you are originally from more northern parts of the U.S., you are no doubt familiar with the common evergreen shrub known as Yew (Taxus), which does not fare well in our area. Similar in appearance, but much more tolerant of our southern heat is Japanese Plum Yew (Cephalotaxus). This is a great plant that deserves wider use in the South. Plum yews have feathery, dark evergreen, needle-like… Read More →

Plumeria and Frangipani – Bring the Tropics To Your Home

  You don’t have to go to Hawaii to enjoy the State’s traditional welcoming fragrant leis which are typically made of plumeria flowers. That’s because this tropical plant is easy to grow and care for in our more temperate climates. You do have to protect it in the winter time, and if you’ve ever grown one, then you know why they are worth the effort. Plumeria, also commonly known as Frangipani, bears sweetly fragrant flowers. Even if they did not smell so good, they are also very beautiful!… Read More →

Be Inspired Visiting Public Gardens While on Vacation

Summer time is vacation time – a time to travel and get away from the routine, day-to-day activities. No matter where you are going, there’s bound to be a public garden either on the way or at your destination. Regardless of whether you are a gardener or not, you’ll enjoy visiting one or more gardens while on vacation. It makes for a restful break and an educational experience. My family enjoys visiting public gardens when on vacation or visiting other cities. We often get ideas for our own… Read More →

Dog-Day Gardening Tips

The dog days of summer are here, and triple digit temperatures are a painful reminder of last year’s summer heat and drought. While we are not back in drought conditions in East Texas, it has been a while since there has been a good, area-wide rain event. So, we need to look at taking care of our plant’s water needs, while at the same time being wise stewards of our water resources. No telling when we might have a repeat of last’s year’s need for mandatory conservation measures…. Read More →

Tyler Rose Garden – It’s Time to Visit!

A couple of great events are coming up at the end of April. The 2012 Home Garden Tour, hosted by Smith County Master Gardeners, a volunteer organization supporting the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, has arranged for 5 different home gardens to be open to the public on Saturday, April 28, rain or shine. This is an opportunity to see and be inspired by a diversity of garden styles that you normally don’t get to see. The gardens selected for this year vary from a stunning backyard garden with… Read More →