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Mole Traps and Mole Men

Some neighborhood walkers stopped by yesterday as I was working on digging a hole in my yard. “What ‘cha doing?” “Trapping moles!” The gentlemen then launched on a familiar theme of trying everything under the sun to kill them, including poison baits, and some home remedies. I told him that I’ve trapped 7 this year, and he raised his eyebrows and exclaimed he had tried traps but hadn’t gotten any, but he has runs all over his yard. (Maybe that’s where some of my repopulation is coming from)…. Read More →

More moles

Two days after the last catch, these popped up in the lawn in a different part of the yard. So, I was thinking I was getting the upper hand after getting #7, but since I previously hadn’t trapped any for over a year, there are probably several more. Extension publications say that 3 to 5 moles per acre is considered a high population, but other articles I have read have said that populations after the yearly litter is produced can go up to 16 per acre under ideal… Read More →

Mole hunting – continued

Finally, after several weeks of waiting for the deeper mole runs to reappear, the soil has dried out enough for mole activity to “resurface”. There are certain parts of my lot where deeper runs regularly appear. Earlier this week, one of those big ridges showed up, so I set the harpoon trap. I had to pull away about 3 inches of soil before getting to tunnel. Nothing happened after a couple of days, and I realized the mole went around the trap. Must of run into one of… Read More →

Ready for mole #7

Now that we’ve had a break in the rain, moles are busy fixing collapsed runs. All this rain has caused erosion problems on some properties, including mine, where heavy runoff finds its way into a tunnel system and flows downhill, eroding the ground as it goes. I’ve got at least one more in the yard, evidenced by mound building and a “fixed” run. The harpoon trap is set and ready to go.

Mole #6

2 moles in a day! The 2nd was caught in the same run as 2 others about a week ago. This fellow was big! That makes 6 in 2007. Keep in mind with mole trapping that as summer progresses, and it begins to dry out, earthworms and other insects that make up the mole’s diet will move deeper into the soil profile. Mole’s tunneling activity will become less apparent and might make trapping more difficult. So, identify major runway tunnels now and keep trapping. I’m under no illusion… Read More →