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Holey Moley – I got 2 in 2 days

Seems like it is either feast or famine when it comes to trapping moles. I have a large city lot, and the moles have gotten out of control. Ridges everywhere. I’m a big believer in trapping them, and have had very good success in the past. But this last year I had rather poor results, and the front yard is more ridges than flat! When it is dry, runs tend to run deeper in the ground, and in sandy soil, moles usually push right through the trap without… Read More →

Fire Ants, Clover Mites, and Moles

Gardening is always an adventure. You plant and tend with the hopes of a wonderful outcome. Whether it is a yard turned into a backyard oasis, or a fruit and vegetable garden overflowing with bounty, gardeners are eternal optimists. For a firsthand look at 5 great home gardens in Smith County, join the Smith County Master Gardener Home Garden Tour on Saturday, April 30. Tickets are only $10 if purchased early, $12 the day of the Tour. Visit for details on the gardens and ticket sales. You… Read More →

Moles and Patience

I haven’t written much about moles lately, mainly because I haven’t caught any recently – until today. Quite awhile back I wrote that I haven’t had much success trying to trap in deeper tunnels that connect between mole mounds. Seems like the tunnels connecting mounds are so large that maybe the mole runs into part of the trap, then just buries the trap with a plug of soil. I decided to try again about a week ago. There is quite a lot of mound activity in my back… Read More →

Trapping moles in sandy soil

2008 has been a slower year for mole activity at my home. I’ve trapped a few of them, but recently, one has been a bugger to catch. I knew there was one in the area – tunnels directly under a newly planted vegetable garden; mounds in the middle of the backyard lawn; and an occasional mole run to try trapping. I finally spotted a large tunnel system where I’ve had success previously. Picking a straight-away, I set the Out-O-Site trap in the sandy, dry soil. I check the… Read More →

Persistance Pays Off

I just wanted to make a short note to encourage folks hassled and bothered by moles. I got the 4th one this year, including 3 in the last 4 days. I’ve mentioned before – try trapping in the same run, especially if the tunnel is a bit deeper and larger. At this time of year, family members are probably using the same tunnel system to get to various feeding grounds. Earlier this year I caught one mole, and about a week or 2 later, they were using that… Read More →

Mole Adventures – version 2008

After a banner year last year, catching 16 moles on my small < 1 acre home lot, 2008 started off rather quietly. Last month I caught one mole, using the Victor Out of Site Trap. This was after unsuccessfully trying to shovel a mole out while it was making a mound. That was the first time I had encountered a “mound-in-progress”, and perhaps I was too hasty in my attempt to flip it out while the dirt was being shoved up. Yesterday, I noticed, in the same area… Read More →

Mole Update

Despite a year-long campaign to trap moles on my 0.9 acres, the little buggers continue to invade my space. Now, you might say I should learn to peacefully co-exist with this resident mole population. If all they were doing was making unseen runways that criss-cross my yard underground, that would be fine. But, I they are causing 3 major problems (not to mention several other minor irritations): Mounds are pushed up into the middle of flower beds, between cracks in paving stones, and in the middle of the… Read More →

Gophers vs Moles

A person asked recently how to tell the difference between gopher and mole mounds. As a matter of fact, a lot of people don’t realize that moles make mounds, and sometimes lots of them. The main difference in the mounds is that mole mounds are just blobs of dirt on the ground; gopher mounds have definite indents on one side of the mound where it plugs up the hole. The photo on the right is a gopher mound, with the plug facing you. Yesterday I caught mole 13, using the Out-O-Site trap. There are signs… Read More →