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September Gardening Tips

If you’re like me, you’re ready for a weather change!  It has been a hot, dry summer, hard on plants and on enthusiasm for gardening or just being outdoors. But, the month of September brings with it a promise of better things to come.  If you have been planning a landscape or garden project, hang in there, and the weather will be changing for the better. As a matter of fact, fall in the south is often called the second gardening season. Winters here are typically mild to… Read More →

September Gardening Notes

The month of September marks a turning point in the year. Kids are in a new grade in school and the milder weather of fall is on the way. Gardening activities also pick up in September as we prepare for winter and next spring. Here are several items you might want to do this month, organized by plant types.

Gardening Tips for September

September is a swing month in the garden, since summer has not completely left us yet, but the milder days of fall are around the corner. You could almost say this is a time of preparation because many consider fall to be the best time to be planting both cool season vegetable crops and trees and shrubs for our landscapes. September also has a couple of local gardening educational opportunities. The First Tuesday in the Garden series presented by Smith County Master Gardeners in their I.D.E.A. Garden starts… Read More →

Some Gardening Tips for September

Here’s hoping there will be a favorable turn to this miserable weather pattern. Rain would be a blessing!  Gardeners whose energy and enthusiasm may have been sapped by the summer heat will be inspired once again to work in the yard and garden to prepare for fall and winter. September is a swing month in the garden, since summer has not completely left us yet, but fall days are right around the corner. To help keep your gardening juices flowing, here’s some things that can be done this… Read More →

Gardening Events in October in the Tyler Area

Fall is for planting, and that also means opportunities to learn more, and to buy adapted plants at plant sales (and of course, from local independent nurseries and garden centers). Here are a few upcoming events to get on your calendar: September 27: Cherokee County Master Gardeners Annual Fall Plant Sale – 8-2:00; Ruth Nichols Arboretum, 1015 South East Loop 456, Jacksonville October 4: SFA Gardens Fabulous Fall Festival Plant Sale – 9-2:00; SFA Pineywoods Native Plant Center, 2900 Raguet St., Nacogdoches October 7: 1st Tuesday in the… Read More →

Valentine’s Day Gardening

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and folks are reminded of the special people in our lives. It should also remind us of a couple of items in our landscape and lawns that may need special attention. Here in Northeast Texas, Valentine’s Day coincides with the ideal time to prune back rose bushes so they will be ready to burst forth with strong growth as the temperatures warm. This is also the time of year to consider whether or not the lawn needs an application of a weed preventer…. Read More →

Gardening Tips for August

  It’s finally turned hot, and dry – typical August conditions for east Texas. Time to hunker down, avoid mid-day activities, and do our best to keep our garden plants out of stress. While gardeners don’t like hot and dry conditions, that is exactly what chinch bugs like. These lawn pests damage St. Augustine lawns by their feeding activity, sucking out plant juice and injecting a damaging toxin. Infested grass takes on a wilted look that does not respond to irrigation, and then eventually turns straw brown. Chinch… Read More →

Gardening Tips for August

As summer roles into August, the blistering heat continues (and intensifies), along with our need for widespread showers to soak the region. This is a stressful time of year for lawns, gardens, and gardeners too, if you don’t stay out of the heat. Be very careful when working, or playing, outdoors at this time of year.  Heat stroke and exhaustion can sneak up on you quickly and are serious medical conditions.  Heat cramps: Painful spasms and cramping of large muscles in the legs, arms or abdomen. These spasms… Read More →