Things to do in October

Things to Do – December 2017

Greg Grant

·        Prepare beds for fall and winter planting by adding organic compost.

·        Discontinue watering lawns to reduce the chance of brown patch and other diseases.

·        Limit pruning of shrubs and trees to removal of damaged or dead branches.

·        Dig, divide, or move spring blooming perennials.

·        Compost fallen leaves, twigs and disease-free plants, including annuals.

·        Plant transplants of cool-season vegetables. Direct seed poppies, larkspur, and sweet peas.

·        Set out chrysanthemums, pansies, dianthus, snapdragons, and ornamental cabbage and kale.

·        Plant trees, shrubs, vines, and spring blooming perennials.  Remember “Fall is for Planting.”  Fall is best, winter second best,

spring third, and summer the worst time for planting woody landscape plants.

·        Plant spring-flowering bulbs (except tulips and hyacinths that need chilling).

·        Overseed lawns with perennial ryegrass (actually a cool season annual).

·        Monitor newly planted annuals for aphids and treat with insecticidal soap or other labeled insecticide as needed.

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