Things to do in December

Things to Do – December 2017

Greg Grant

  • Cut dead perennials and tropicals back to the ground.
  • Keep beds mulched and weeded. Cool season weeds do not take the winter off.
  • Discontinue fertilization until cold weather is over.
  • Pick up limbs and remove dead trees and shrubs from the landscape.
  • Trim trees making sure to cut limbs flush with branch collar or next to another limb.
  • Pot amaryllis, paperwhites, and chilled hyacinths for winter bloom.
  • Clean, sharpen and oil garden tools as well as mower blades.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Stock bird feeders with black oil sunflower seed.
  • Drain gasoline from power equipment for winter storage.
  • Order seeds for next year from catalogues and websites.
  • Finish cleaning, labeling, and storing saved seed.
  • Plan vegetable and flower gardens for next year.
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