Things to do in June

Things to Do – June 2017

Greg Grant


  • Plant heat loving vegetable crops like Southern peas and okra.
  • Avoid watering St. Augustine grass more than once per week as frequent irrigation promotes gray leaf spot, brown patch, and take-all root rot. Once a month (if it doesn’t rain) is even better!
  • Plant heat loving bedding plants like ornamental sweet potatoes, periwinkles, pentas, coleus, alternanthera, and purple fountain grass.
  • Seed warm season color such as castor beans and candlestick plant, and zinnias.
  • Plant heat loving tropical plants like Esperanza, pride of Barbados, angel’s trumpet, tropical hibiscus, tapioca, copper plant, allamanda, bougainvillea, and mandevilla.
  • Sod warm season grasses like St. Augustine, centipede, Bermuda grass, and zoysia. Keep constantly moist for one week.
  • Seed Bermuda grass in sunny areas and keep moist.
  • Mulch beds with organic mulch such as pine bark or pine straw to prevent weeds and conserve moisture.
  • Continue to spray insect and disease prone fruit and nut trees with labeled insecticide and fungicide.
  • Deadhead roses, dwarf crape myrtles, and other repeat blooming flowers to encourage re-bloom.
  • Move orchids and Christmas cactus outside to partially shaded patios or decks for the summer
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