Buggy Bug Bugging Folks

Photo of Spartina Bug, courtesy of Mike Merchant and his "Insects in the City" blog

I couldn’t think of another word for “people” that starts with “B”, but this little bugger apparently has folks bugged. I’ve gotten a few calls from co-workers, PCO’s and others on this insect that is congregating in large numbers in rural parts of east Texas. It kind of looks like a long chinch bug, and indeed, is a member of the same family of insects – the true bugs. (In the world of entomology, not all insects are bugs, but all bugs are insects).

I had no idea what it is, but fortunately, when I don’t know a bug, or insect, my friend Mike Merchant, a great Texas AgriLife Extension entomologist serving the Dallas and north Texas area, always does. Yesterday he posted on his “Insects in the City” blog a short article with a photo of the Spartina Bug, so called because it apparently likes to hang out around that kind of grass. I was one of the ones “bugging” him for an ID.

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