East Texas Landscape & Garden Conference – Feb. 14

The 16th annual East Texas Spring Landscape and Garden Conference is February 14th at the Tyler Rose Garden Center.

One of the featured speakers for this year’s program is Dr. Neil Odenwald, retired director of the School of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University, and popular speaker, author and award winning landscape architect. He will give two talks on landscape design during the conference. The first will focus on practical ideas for developing the space around your home into a functional and attractive area through the art of landscaping.

The second talk is entitled “Small Space Landscaping”, and will cover ideas for developing small areas of the yard into functional, comfortable and enjoyable environments.

Also on the program is Dr. Dotty Woodson, Texas AgriLife Extension Program Specialist from Dallas, who will discuss how to capture, or “harvest”, rainfall on your property and put it to use watering your plants. This water conserving technique is a hot topic due to increasing demands on existing water sources and as recurring droughts affects our water supplies. This will be a practical, how-to session on creating a rainwater harvesting system.

I will be giving a brief update on the revision of the Recommended Plant List for Northeast Texas, a list that has served as an area guide for landscape plant selection. Also on the program will be 2 talks focusing on trees. The first will be a session by Daniel Duncum, District Forester with the Texas Forest Service, on how to properly plant and care for trees, so they will get off to a great start, and then live a long, useful life. Many mistakes are made at tree planting time, and knowing the right way to establish trees will greatly reduce premature tree mortality.

The other will be a talk and demonstration by Tyson Woods of Dallas on aiding and caring for trees using a device called an airspade. Woods is the Senior Arborist with Moore Tree Care, a subsidiary of Lambert’s. Woods has been very active in promoting organic techniques and has extensive experience utilizing the “airspade”, uncovering well over 5,000 trees since 2001.

The Conference, jointly sponsored by AgriLife Extension and the City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department, and developed by the Smith County Environmental Horticulture Committee, will be held at the Tyler Rose Garden Center on Saturday, February 14. Besides the featured speakers, exhibitors will be showcasing products and services throughout the day. All registration is at the door on the day of the conference, starting at 7:30 a.m. Admission is $15 and includes lunch. The conference begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes about 3:30 p.m. For information concerning exhibiting, contact Keith Hansen, (903) 590-2980, or Craig Reiland, Rose Garden Supervisor, at (903) 531-1200.

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