Moles and Patience

I haven’t written much about moles lately, mainly because I haven’t caught any recently – until today. Quite awhile back I wrote that I haven’t had much success trying to trap in deeper tunnels that connect between mole mounds. Seems like the tunnels connecting mounds are so large that maybe the mole runs into part of the trap, then just buries the trap with a plug of soil.

I decided to try again about a week ago. There is quite a lot of mound activity in my back yard, with one or 2 new mounds popping up every day. I even tried scooping one out when I caught it pushing up soil – but like so many times in the past, I missed again. Quite frustrated, I figured that it was worth a shot to try trapping deep. I carefully set the Out of Sight trap, making sure my alignment was right, since I had to dig out a lot of the soil. Almost a week went by with no signs of activity. I was about ready to pull the trap today, since a week without activity usually means they’re busy elsewhere on the property. But, sure enough, the trap was sprung and I got another one.

I might also mention, I use both the harpoon-type trap and the Out of Sight trap. I don’t remember ever having the Out of Sight trap sprung without catching one, while the harpoon frequently comes up empty.

At any rate, patience pays off –  and like I’ve said before, perserverance. You’ll never be permanently rid of these animals if your neighbors are not also trapping – you can only gain the upper hand, kind of like controlling vs eradicating fire ants.

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