Persistance Pays Off

I just wanted to make a short note to encourage folks hassled and bothered by moles. I got the 4th one this year, including 3 in the last 4 days. I’ve mentioned before – try trapping in the same run, especially if the tunnel is a bit deeper and larger. At this time of year, family members are probably using the same tunnel system to get to various feeding grounds. Earlier this year I caught one mole, and about a week or 2 later, they were using that tunnel again.

I probably had to reset the trap (Victor Out O Site) at least 6 or more times before I got it. It was just passing through without tripping the trap. The last time I made sure the trap was as deep as I could go without it being in the tunnel pathway, and made sure the “jaws” were perfectly straddling the runway. I also make sure there is no soil blocking the other end of trigger, so when it is pushed up on the action end, it can move up with out resistance on the other. – – Persistence pays off!

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