Mole Adventures – version 2008

After a banner year last year, catching 16 moles on my small < 1 acre home lot, 2008 started off rather quietly. Last month I caught one mole, using the Victor Out of Site Trap. This was after unsuccessfully trying to shovel a mole out while it was making a mound. That was the first time I had encountered a “mound-in-progress”, and perhaps I was too hasty in my attempt to flip it out while the dirt was being shoved up.

Yesterday, I noticed, in the same area by the street, a fresh mound, and sure ‘nuf, it was in progress. So, I hurried, got my sharp-shooter shovel and waited patiently for it to start shoving more dirt up. Patience did not pay off this time, though, and it got away.

I figured the creature would be really spooked, because I excavated a bit to examine its very large tunnel system going off in either direction from the mound. At any rate, I left the shovel in a nearby spot just in case. This morning, there was a BIG fresh mound in the exact same spot. I could almost hear it chanting, “Nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah”. 

So, the saga continues. I’m waiting for more apparent surface ridges appear to start my trapping program, realizing moles from neigboring properties will always recolonize the vacated runs.

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