Mole Update

Despite a year-long campaign to trap moles on my 0.9 acres, the little buggers continue to invade my space. Now, you might say I should learn to peacefully co-exist with this resident mole population. If all they were doing was making unseen runways that criss-cross my yard underground, that would be fine. But, I they are causing 3 major problems (not to mention several other minor irritations):

  1. Mounds are pushed up into the middle of flower beds, between cracks in paving stones, and in the middle of the lawn.
  2. Runoff after heavy rains follows the major runways, causing severe erosion on several parts of my property,
  3. The extensive tunneling in flower/shrub beds kills nearby perennials, and drys out roots of azaleas and other sensitive plants.

So, the hunt continues. Last week I caught 2 (# 14 and 15 for 2007) in the same run. This week I tried trapping nearby 2 mounds. Both times the trap was almost buried by a large plug of soil. I suspect I’m trying to trap too near the mounds and they are encountering the metal trap. Next time I’ll go out further from the mound. However, finding the deep run some distance from the mound can be challenging.

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