More on Moles

The other day I woke up to a string of about 8 mole mounds marching across my backyard. The line came right under the fence, so no doubt, “neighborhood” moles are finding my yard good hunting grounds (Probably because I’ve been watering this area, and worms and other underground goodies are thriving there – if you water it, they will come – especially if your neighbors don’t water and the soil has dried out). So, it was war. First, I used a long steel shank to probe the ground. Runs associated with mounds are almost always going to be much deeper than common foraging runs. You know you’ve found the run when the probe suddenly it gives way after some resistance. Digging midway between 2 of the mounds, I found the run about 12 inches deep.  I was pretty careful getting the hole ready for the trap, because I didn’t want this mole to have the run of the yard. After cutting away some tree rooots, I set the scissors trap, making sure that the jaws would not be protruding into the runway. I was a little dubious because this was pretty sandy soil, and I hadn’t had a lot of success trapping deep runs between mounds. About 10 hours later, I had the mole (number 12 for 2007). It was big, as expected for such a large amount of excavation.

I haven’t ordered the “Woodie” attachment for the Scissors trap yet.

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