A Vacuum Filled

This morning I was greeted with the  sight of a huge mound – right along the driveway, at the corner of a flower bed and patio. This is not too far from where I caught mole #10 last week. There has always been a major tunnel system along the driveway, and I have never been too successful in catching moles there. Perhaps because of the concrete ledge underground sticking out, causing the legs of the trap to be in line with the tunnel. Unlike finding a plug of dirt and pushing their way through, if moles encounter a foreign object in the tunnel, they will often go around, under or just plug off that tunnel. At any rate, I know where to concentrate my next efforts for trapping.

After reading The Moleman’s web site, I’ve come to believe that the years of half-hearted trapping allowed the moles to  create a very extensive tunnel system that allows moles to freely re-inhabit areas from neighboring areas.Trapping will be a fact of life for this property for some time to come.

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