Mole #10

oostrap.jpgFor the last several weeks, moles have once again been making their presence known on my little slice of land. I’ve already trapped 9 moles this year. As the saying goes, nature abhors a vacuum, and it was only a matter of time that moles would migrate in from neighboring property. At least, that is what I theorize – there could be some remaining from my spring and summer trapping, but the neighbors have also been getting a lot of mole mounds. Now they’ve been working in my back yard and front yard.

So, I’ve been trapping for the last several weeks near the areas of
mounding. But, it has been very dry since July, and the soil there is
very sandy. So, moles have been pushing right through and under my
traps without tripping them; the soil just sifting around like in an
hourglass. I’ve been waiting for a good rain to help the soil hold
together better.

A major tip for trapping moles is to keep
moving traps if they don’t get tripped within a day. A promising run
showed up yesterday evening along the sidewalk. It was a little deep,
so I used the Victor Out O’ Site trap. This morning it was sprung and
mole #10 for 2007 was caught.

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