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Date: Sunday, June 24, 2018 through Wednesday, June 27, 2018

T Bar M Resort & Conference Center
2549 Hwy 46
New Braunfels, TX 78132
Phone: 830-620-4263
Registration on 4-H Connect:
May 7-25, 2018

Registration Fee:
TBD per youth
TBD per adult chaperone

Release Forms (Required for youth and adults)
REMINDER THIS YEAR!! The completed, signed forms will need to be scanned as a pdf and uploaded to 4-H Connect during the registration process. Please note: The forms require a copy of the participant’s insurance card.

Participant Information

4-H members who have completed at least the 8th grade at the time of lab may participate.  The registration fee covers 3 nights of lodging, all meals, program activities, insurance, curriculum, and T-shirts. The attire is school appropriate (casual). Each evening there is a dance and many kids want to dress up. However, there are kids who wear summer clothes and each night is a theme dance so costumes are permitted.

To prepare teen leaders from the 21 counties in District 8 for leadership roles. These roles might be at the county level, or county committees, or their clubs. The hope is that participants will take information back from Lab and share it with members back in their counties. Lab is set up to be enjoyable and fun, but there is work too. Many workshops are set up that will require concentration and serious participation. Speeches are delivered for officer elections. We work and we play. Play time is set up with activities that build team work skills and camaraderie in the district.

Forms Needed:
Upon submission of registration, please download the “Release Forms” packet with the following forms:  Medical Authorization and Health Statement forms. Don’t forget that a copy of your insurance card needs to be attached to your release forms packet.  All forms must be completed with the appropriate signatures.  Reminder this year!  Release forms will need to be completed, signed, scanned, and uploaded to 4-H Connect during the registration process.

Looking for information about running for an office?
See the District 8 4-H Council page!

Agent Information

2017 D8 4-H SURGE (Leadership Lab) Information – MS Wordpdf

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