Soil Judging

Event Information

Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021

Registration March 15 – April 2, 2021

O.D. Butler Jr. Animal Science Complex (ASTREC)
7771 Raymond Stotzer Parkway
College Station, TX

7:45 am – Registration
7:45 am – Contest Begins
2 hours after completion – Awards Presentation

Entry Fee:


Contestants will judge four soil profiles with 20‐minutes allowed for each and determine the soil characteristics of the profiles and make interpretations based on observation. Coaches are responsible for all transportation to and from contest site. Coaches are also required to assist in operation of the contest through the grading of score cards and serving as pit monitors.

  • To teach youth identify different soil types and understand their characteristics
  • To give youth an appreciation for value of soil and it’s conservation
  • To help youth understand how soil amendments change soil qualities
  • To make youth aware of career opportunities related to soil

Rules & Guidelines

District 8 4-H Rules & Guidelines

Bring to the contest:

  • water bottle for textural analysis
  • tape measure
  • clipboard
  • multiple pencils
  • appropriate knife or similar digging tool

Contest Resources

Agent Information

2020 Contest Letter – COMING SOON!
2019 Contest Letter – MS Wordpdf
Agent Assignments


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