Food Challenge & Food Show

Event Information

Food Show/Food Challenge Schedule   updated 12/08/2022 5:30pm

Cost: $10 per student
Date: December 14, 2022
Location: Bell County Expo Center
Registration: November 14, 2022 – December 1, 2022
Waiver (completed in 4-H Online):Waiver


Bell County Expo Center
301 W Loop 121
Belton, TX 76513

Rules & Guidelines and Forms

Both Contests-Rules & Forms
Tentative Schedule ( Coming soon!!)

Detailed Schedule

Food Challenge
Rules & Guidelines & All Forms
Junior/Intermediate Scorecard
Junior/Intermediate Worksheet
Senior Presentation Scorecard
Senior Worksheet
All Age Divisions Preparation Scorecard
Texas 4-H Food Challenge Manual

Texas 4-H Food & Nutrition Resources

Food Show
Rules & Guidelines & All Forms
Junior/Intermediate Paperwork
Senior Paperwork
All Age Division Score Sheet
Sample Questions
Recipe Submission Checklist
Texas 4-H Food Show Rules & Guidelines
Texas 4-H Food & Nutrition Resources

Food Challenge Supply Box

Printable version PDF)

Supply boxes are limited to the following dimensions: 40” x 24” x 40”. It is the responsibility of the county to check those qualifying teams before they arrive at the District contest, to ensure all boxes fit the necessary measurements. Each team will bring a box containing only one each of the following items, unless a different quantity is notes.
Beverage glass Pencils ( No Limit)
Bowls (up to 4-any size) Plastic box & trash bags for dirty equipment
Calculator Pot with Lid
Can Opener Potato Masher
Colander Potato Peeler
Cutting Boards (up to 4) Sanitizing Wipes ( 1 container)
Disposable tasting spoons (no limit) Serving Dishes/Utensils

1 Plate/Platter

1 Bowl

1 Utensil

Dry measuring cups (1 set) Skewers ( 1 set)
Electric Skillet Skillet with Lid
Extension cord (multiple outlet or strip style)

Teams should be certain the extension cord is compatible (2-pronge/3-pronge) with the plugs on their electrical supplies

Spatulas ( up to 2)


First Aid Kit Stirring Spoon
Food Thermometer Storage Bags ( 1 box)
Fork Tongs (up to 2)
Gloves Toothpicks (no limit)
Grater Two single-burner hot plates


One double-burner plate (electric only)

Hand Sanitizer Whisk
Hot Pads (up to 5) Pantry Items



Oil (up to 17 oz)

1 jar chicken bouillon

1 medium onion

2 cans ( up to 16 oz) vegetables and or fruit (team choice)

Rice (white or brown) or pasta (up to 16 oz) (team choice)

Kitchen Shears (1 pair)
Knives ( up to 6)
Liquid measuring cup
Manual pencil sharpener
Measuring Spoons ( 1 set)
Non-Stick Cooking Spray
Note cards (1 package-no larger than 5×7)
Paper Towels (1 roll)
Pancake Turner

Food Challenge Participant Orientation

Orientation – Food Show Participants

Agent Information

Contest Letter-MS WORD PDF
Agent Assignments -Coming Soon!


2021 Awards Program




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