Food Challenge & Food Show

Event Information

Date:  Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Entries are due on Friday, November 22, 2019

Bell County Expo Center
301 W Loop 121
Belton, TX 76513
(254) 933-5353

Rules & Guidelines and Forms

Both Contests – Rules and Forms
Tentative Schedule

Detailed Schedule

Food Challenge
Rules & Guidelines and All Forms
Junior/Intermediate Presentation Scorecard
Junior/Intermediate Worksheet
Senior Presentation Scorecard
Preparation (Team Spirit) Scorecard (All Age Divisions)
Senior Worksheet
Texas 4-H Food Challenge Manual
Texas 4-H “Pantry Power” (This will be the procedure used at Texas 4-H Roundup regarding the pantry.  A similar process will be used that District 8 contest.) 
Texas 4-H Food & Nutrition Resources

Food Show
Rules & Guidelines and All Forms
Junior/Intermediate Entry Form (MS Word)
Junior/Intermediate Entry Form (pdf)
Senior Entry Form (MS Word)
Senior Entry Form (pdf)
All Age Division Scorecard
Sample Questions
Recipe Submission Checklist
Texas 4-H Food Show Rules & Guidelines
Texas 4-H Food & Nutrition Resources

Food Challenge Supply Box

Printable version (pdf)

Beverage glass Liquid measuring cup (2 cup size)
Dip size (1)
Mixing (2)
Serving (1)
Measuring spoons ( 1 set)
Calculator Non-stick cooking spray
Can Opener Note cards (1 package – no larger than 5×7)
Cookie Sheet Paper towels (1 roll)
Colander Pancake turner
Cutting Boards (3) Pencils (no limit)
Disposable tasting spoons (no limit) Plastic box or trash bag for dirty equipment
Dry measuring cups (1 set) Pot with lid
Electric skillet Potato masher
Extension cord
(Teams should be certain the extension cord is compatible (2-prong/3-prong) with the plugs on their electrical supplies.)
Potato peeler
First aid kit Sanitizing wipes (1 container)
Food thermometers Serving platter
Fork Serving utensil
Gloves Skillet with lid
Grater Spatulas (2)
Hand sanitizer Stirring spoon
Hot pads (up to 5) Storage bags (1 box)
Kitchen shears (1 pair) Tongs
Kitchen timer Two single-burner hot plates OR one double-burner plate (electric only!)
Knives (4) Whisk

New! Gadget of the Year!

  • Teams may have the following kitchen gadget for their box for the 2019-2020 Contest Year:
  • Spiralizer (Manual Only)

Agent Information

Contest Letter MS Wordpdf
Agent Assignments


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