Horse Validation now OPEN!

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2017 Horse Validation is now open!

Horse validation is open March 1 – April 15 at $10 per validation, and beginning April 16 – May 1 at $20 per validation.

  • Horses must be validated in 4-H Connect each year; Detailed validation instructions can be found at the 2017 State 4-H Horse Show website.
  • Only one validation per horse for each year is necessary (You will validate under only one child, but all youth in that family will have the ability to show the horse);
  • If the horse is registered, the registration papers must be uploaded during validation.  The uploaded papers must be legible and the owner must be listed as the 4-H member or a member of the 4-H member’s immediate family (parent, sibling, grandparent, legal guardian).  A bill of sale or a signed transfer request will NOT suffice.  Families should apply for and receive the corrected papers prior to uploading into 4-H Connect.
  • If the horse is grade (unregistered) then the field designated for the upload of registration papers should be left blank.



Rosebud-Lott 4-H Showmanship & Jackpot Show

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This livestock show and animal clinic willl be held in Marlin, TX

Range Management Youth Workshop – June 18-23, 2017 in Junction, TX

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Youth Range Workshop held Summer 2017 in Junction, Texas. Participants must be 14-18 years old, but not a high school graduate

3-D Indoor Archery Tournament

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Come out for a great archery tournament - Sat., 4/15 at 8am in Glen Rose, TX. $25/bow - No Crossbows allowed

Ag Product ID Contest ~ Leon County

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Leon County Ag Product ID will host a contest on April 8th in Buffalo, TX.  This event is open to FFA and 4-H members.

Entomology Judging Clinic

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Texas A&M University Department of Entomology is offering a clinic on March 4 rom 8am-12pm - Come check it out!

Glen Rose 4-H Shooting Sports – Clay Shoot

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Sporting Clay Shoot, please call 817-819-4609 for more information

District 8 4-H Rifle Coaches & Parents

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Call in to the D8 Conference Call for Shooting Sports Coaches Training

We will be hosting a District 8 4-H Shooting Sports Coaches meeting for Rifle & Light Rifle Coaches. The meeting will be held via conference call. Details are as follows:

• Thursday, February 16, 2017
• 6:30 pm
• Open to all Rifle & Light Rifle Coaches in District 8
• Free to dial in – Can call in from anywhere!
• Dial: 866-221-9695
• Participant Code: 1449267#

Madison County 4-H Whiz Bang

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4-H Gun Shooting Match/Tournament in Madisonville, TX

8th Annual Ellis County 4-H ~ Open Invitational Archery Tournament

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Archery Match in Ellis County for All Ages