4-H Horse Show


HS_2014_banner The District 12 4-H Horse Show is an annual summer event that provides 4-H horse project members the opportunity to exhibit their projects as well as their own horsemanship skills.  This competitive event hosts 4-H members from across the district in halter classes, showmanship classes, speed events, english events, and other performance events.

District 12 4-H Horse Show Information & Resources
Effective for 2018, District 12 will not host a District Horse Show.  Any 4-H member that wants to participate in a District 4-H Horse Show in order to qualify for State can/must attend the District 11 Horse Show.  Click the link below to see information and resources for this event.

District 12 4-H Horse Show Official Results

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Horse Validation Information and Resources

All horses (registered and grade) must complete the validation process before May 1, 2021  in order to participate in any District or State Horse shows.  Every effort should be made to complete validation before the May 1 deadline to prevent any possibility of missing the deadline.  

State 4-H Horse Show Information

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