Model for Retaining County Extension Agents– A summary of a Journal of Extension Article

Texas A& M AgriLife Extension Service has devoted a tremendous amount of effort in developing systematic recruitment and retention efforts. It is critical that systematic recruitment and retention plans be implemented to ensure that we are recruiting the best agents for our open positions and that we are retaining good agents. While we instinctively know […]

Accountability Matters- Dealing with Personnel Issues

One of most important management processes conducted by District Extension Administrators and County Extension Directors is managing an effective performance management system. This performance management system can be compromised tremendously if middle managers fail to address personnel issues in an aggressive and deliberate manner.  The following is some tips related to dealing with personnel issues; […]

Accountability Matters- Dealing with Complacency in Agents

Complacency in any organization will compromise its effectiveness while creating an atmosphere where there is no discernible difference between various levels of performance.   It is incumbent on our field managers to establish aggressive steps to address complacency in agents.  Dave Anderson (2001) provides the following suggestions that field managers can utilize in building a defense […]

Accountability Matters- Dealing with Personal Complacency

Complacency is one of the most detrimental things that can impact Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Dave Anderson (2001) in his book No-Nonsense Leadership indicates that complacency in any organization starts with a complacent leader.   It is incumbent on our field managers to establish expectations and set the tone for the county, district and/or region. […]

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Announces 2014 Summer Internship Program

Research shows that college students involved in meaningful internship opportunities with Extension significantly increases the chance that they will stay in that career field after graduation. In support of Administrative Priority to Improve Recruitment and Retention, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is launching our 2014 Summer Internship Program. Students can review information about this program as […]

Accountability Matters- Effective On-Boarding Imperative to Future of Texas A&M AgriLIfe Extension Service

According to  Brodeur, Higgins, Gonzalez, Craig and Haile (2011), voluntary county personnel turnover occurs for a multitude of reasons including lack of proper on-boarding. In 2013, County Extension Agent turnover with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service was at its highest level since 2009 with sixty -one  non-retirement separations. In addition, of these sixty one non-retirement separations the […]

Urban Legislative Event to be Conducted on January 23, 2014

On January 23, 2014, Texas A&M  AgriLife Extension Service will host an Urban Legislative Interpretation Event at the Texas Capital in Austin. The purpose of this event will be to provide a venue to interpret Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service urban programs to key elected officials.  All urban county and urban initiative counties legislators and […]

After Performance Appraisal Conference- What’s Next?

After a District Extension Administrator/County Extension Director concludes the performance appraisal conference-then what? The following are some tips that will help District Extension Administrators/County Extension Directors to wrap-up the performance appraisal conference and other post-conference processes; 1. Closing comments/discussion Review and compare what you “expected” to happen with what “actually” did happen during the year. […]

Lessons Learned from a Century of Success

This past week during the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Centennial Conference we had a great opportunity to hear from some outstanding speakers. However, Dr. Chester Fehlis, Director Emeritus for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service provided us with five points within an Extension context that must be our focus if we are going to be successful […]

2014- Positioning Texas A&M AgriLife Extension for the Next 100 Years

New years are always greeted with new resolutions, self-promises and new outlooks. Some say they do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. However, setting goals for the future, is something Texas A&M AgriLife Extension mid-managers must embrace in order to build on our successes in 2013 and position ourselves to be effective in the future. In […]