Career Ladder Timeline

Smith-Lever logoTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Cooperative Extension  Program agents implement innovative and contemporary programs that meet the needs of local clientele and communities.  These programs result in measurable outcomes that truly “Make a Difference”.  One of the methods agents are recognized and rewarded for effective programming is through the County Extension Agent Career Ladder system.

The purpose of the career ladder is to provide a system for measuring and documenting the progress of Extension Agents in their profession and to reward their professional accomplishments.

The following table provides a timeline from June through September for managing promotion in the Professional Career Ladder System for County Extension Agents;

The effectiveness of the career ladder process is directly correlated to our District Extension Administrators, County Extension Directors, Region Program Directors and Level IV “mentors” engagement in coaching County Extension Agents.  The success of this system is paramount for Extension to maintain a competent, committed, and dedicated workforce.

This Article was Posted by Drs. Darrell A. Dromgoole and Susan Ballabina, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

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