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November 1, 2018

AGLS Undergraduate Programs Council AGENDA November 1, 2018 126 Kleberg 3:30 p.m. 1. Approval of the Minutes a. October 4, 2018 2. UPC Report, Bob Knight 3. UCC Report, Bob Knight 4. Associate Dean for Academic Operations, Kim Dooley N/A 5. Associate Dean of Student Development, Chris Skaggs N/A 6. Unfinished Business N/A 7. Request for New Course        https:/ a. ENTO 455 : Field Entomology in the Tropics 8. Request for Course Change a. AGEC 335 : Financial Readiness b. ALEC 460 : Applying International Development… Read More →

July 18, 2018

AGENDA COALS GRADUATE PROGRAM COUNCIL   July 18, 2018  ALGS 515G, 1:30 p.m.  I. MINUTES June 20, 2018 II. NEW COURSE REQUESTS III. CHANGE IN COURSE/INACTIVATION REQUESTS View courses here (after login): NFSC 642 : Nutritional Biochemistry II IV. NEW PROGRAM PROPOSAL a. BAEN 655: Principles of Modern Optical Spectroscopy V. CHANGE IN PROGRAM/CERTIFICATE a. MNR-NRDV: Master of Natural Resources Development in Natural Resources Development VI. GRADUATE FACULTY NOMINATIONS VII. GRADUATE OPERATION COMMITTEE ITEMS VIII. MISCELLANEOUS GPC Dates for 2018-2019 Academic Year (Every third Wednesday)… Read More →

August 17, 2016

Agenda COALS GRADUATE PROGRAM COUNCIL                                 August 17, 2016 I. MINUTES a.  July 20, 2016 II. NEW COURSE REQUESTS a.  SCSC 653 Essentials for Plant Systematics and Management Agronomy III. CHANGE IN COURSE REQUESTS  IV. CHANGE IN CURRICULUM COURSE REQUESTS N/A  V. GRADUATE FACULTY NOMINATIONS VI. GRADUATE OPERATION COMMITTEE ITEMS VII.     MISCELLANEOUS a.  ALEC Certificate in Advanced Pedagogy in Agriculture b.  ALEC Certificate in Extension Education c. COALS Graduate Faculty Membership Policy (handout) d. Update on Fellowship e. Update on tuition GPC Dates for 2015-2016 Academic Year (Every… Read More →