October 20, 2017 e-vote

AGLS Undergraduate Programs Council

October 20, 2017

 3:30 p.m., 126 Kleberg


I. Approval of the Minutes

II. UPC Report, Bob Knight

III. UCC Report, Bob Knight

IV. Associate Dean for Academic Operations, Kim Dooley

V. Associate Dean of Student Development, Chris Skaggs

VI. Unfinished Business

VII. Request for New Course        https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/

a. BIC H 403 Cellular Biophysics    Letter of support

b. ESSM 281: Seminar in Ecosystem Science and Management

VIII. Request for Course Change   https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/

a. BAEN 471 : Bioreactor Engineering

b. BAEN 431 : Fundamentals in Bioseparations

c. HORT 201 : Horticultural Science and Practices (Distance)

d. HORT 432 : Horticulture Landscape Design

e. SCSC 430: Turfgrass Maintenance

f. WFSC 101 : Introduction to Wildlife and Fisheries

IX. Request for New Minor or Change in Minor    https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/

X. Request for Program Change in Course or Minor https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/

XI. Change in Program/Certificates     https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/programadmin/

a. BS-BICH : Biochemistry – BS

b. BS-GENE : Genetics – BS

c. BS-NUTR-NSO : Nutrition – BS, Molecular and Experimental Track

d. BS-NUTR-GNO : Nutrition – BS, General Nutrition Track

e. BS-NUTR-DPD : Nutrition – BS, Didactic Program in Dietetics Track

f. BS-FSTC-INO+ : Food Science and Technology – BS, Food Industry Option

g. BS-FSTC-FSO+ : Food Science and Technology – BS, Food Science Option

XII. New Business

XIII. Old Business

UPC Dates for 2017-18 Academic Year (Thursday before the first Friday)

All meetings will take place at 3:30 p.m. in 126 Kleberg unless otherwise noted

November 2, 2017

November 30, 2017

January 4, 2018

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