The Depression Era: Gloom and Boom Times

road 1929Until 1929, Texans were optimistic about their future. The state population continued to grow, adding more than one million people over the decade. And while cotton was still king, the economy was diverse. By October, much of the optimism faded when Wall Street recorded its worst day ever, and stocks on the New York Stock Exchange tumbled more than 40 percent. By 1931, the Great Depression deepened across the United States and even rural farmers in Texas, already accustomed to hard times, needed relief from the worsening situation.

Times were tough all over for Texans and Texas A&M. The Depression affected all students, and some could no longer afford to attend college. Some faculty members were laid off, and many graduates had a tough time finding work.

Yet these trying times were boom times for construction around campus. That boom represented real growth opportunities for the School of Agriculture.

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