Pennsylvania Pellitory

Other names: Hammerwort

Scientific names: Parietaria pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd.

Family: Urticaceae

Description: A cool-season annual commonly found in lawns and roadsides throughout South Texas.  In no-till and strip-till fields, this weed poses a significant problem in the spring, unless effectively controlled by residual herbicides applied in the fall/winter or burndown herbicides prior to planting.

Stems: Pubescent

Leaves: Simple, alternate, lanceolate in shape, with entire margins.  Pubescent along margins with some pubescence on leaf surfaces.

Inflorescence: Flowers unisexual (separate male and female flowers) in axillary clusters

Seed: A shiny brown achene


Mature plant in spring

Heavy infestation

Early season competition in grain sorghum




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