Economic Reports for Texas Coastal Bend Agriculture

Hay, Feed and Forages

Cost Estimates for Brush and Weed Control Treatments in the Texas Coastal Bend (PDF)

Livestock Economics and Marketing

Impact of Brahman Influence on Breeding Female Prices in South Texas: Results from a Special Sale in Bee County, Texas (PDF)

Average 500 lbs. Calf Prices in South Texas (2014) (2015)

Economic Advantage of Castration of Market Calves (2014) (2015) (Short Version, 2015)

Economic Effects of Genetic Factors on South Texas Market Calves (2014)

What Drives Calf Prices in South Texas? (2015) (Short Version, 2015)

An Evaluation of the Economic Advantages of F1 Brahman Crossbred Cows (2015)

Economic Impact Studies

Economic Contribution of Rice Production in Colorado, Wharton, and Matagorda Counties 2008-2012 (PDF)


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