Cattle Records

(monthly cattle and horse inventory, feed and feed fed inventories, cattle sale and transfer records, cattle depreciation calculators)

1. Sales Data for Raised and Purchased Cattle Summarized by Category(PDF description)(spreadsheet)

2. Weaned Calf and Breeding Cattle Sales Record and Summary for SPA Data (PDF description) (spreadsheet)

3. Monthly Beef Cattle Inventory (PDF description) (spreadsheet) (example with spreadsheet)

4. Cattle and Horse Inventory by Category (spreadsheet)

5. Feed Inventory Reconciliation Calculator (PDF description) (spreadsheet)

6. Monthly and Annual Feed Fed Record (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

7. Beef Cattle Death Loss Record (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

8. Raised Breeding Cow Depreciation Calculator (PDF description ) (spreadsheet)

9. Approximation of Straight Line Cow Depreciation Calculator (spreadsheet)

10. Monthly Feed Purchased Summary (PDF description ) (spreadsheet ) (example with spreadsheet )

11. Monthly and Annual Feed Fed Record by Category of Cattle (PDF description ) (spreadsheet ) (example with spreadsheet )

The values in these templates are for demonstration purposes only, make sure to enter values specific to your operation!

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